Picture of Aimie Eliot from K-Tiv in Berlin

Aimie Eliot

independent journalist

A former East Africa correspondent, Aimie now works as an independent journalist for international radio stations (BBC, Deutsche Welle), covers societal topics in Germany for web & print media (Jeune Afrique, Cahiers de Sciences et Vie, Socialter, Usbek & Rica, Sprudge) and is also a TV producer for the environmental program Eco@Afrique broadcasted by DW. She regularly returns to her beloved Africa to collect sounds, pictures, and words for inspiring stories.

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Picture of Joe Dodgshun from K-Tiv in Berlin

Joe Dodgshun

innovation communication

Inspired by social entrepreneurship, science/tech for good, and responsible travel, he works to spread the inspiration through journalism and brand storytelling. After a print journalism debut in Antarctica and New Zealand, he has written solutions-focussed articles for publications ranging from MIT’s Innovation Stories to The Guardian and worked on editorial and communications projects across four continents — recently with Berlin-based NGO Your Public Value, TEDxKreuzberg, and the Impact Hub Global Network.

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Picture of Pauline de Langre from K-Tiv in Berlin

Pauline De Langre

graphic designer & illustrator

Co-founder of Cambodia-based POGO Marketing & Communication Agency, which offers brand development, advertising, consulting and training. Now a freelancer, Pauline creates solutions such as promotional data-visualisation forcaresyntax® (hospital technologies), illustrated infographics for GERES (Group for Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity) and illustrated educational materials for Ligue de l’enseignement (an organisation promoting access to schooling in France).

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Picture of Michael Berger from K-Tiv in Berlin

Michael Berger

graphic designer & photographer

As well as designing brand identities and visual communication tools, Michael is first and formost a passionate photographer. He shoots portraits, events, products and reportages for European clients such as Nata Y Limon Berlin (Interior Design), Additiv Architektur (architecture), Kleinerdrei Blog (Berlin based blog), Spitäler Schaffhausen Switzerland (hospital), Impact Hub Global, Vorwärts Beratungen (consulting), Gebrüder Käppeli and E. Bieri AG (both gastronomy).

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